Thursday, August 2, 2007

Theater Room: Demolition

The next room on the slate is the media room. It was previously a library room with about 25 feet of built-in bookcases. We like them, hate the color, but knew we wouldn't use the room considering we already have a nice living room with a fireplace and a nice outside view. Plus I needed a place to put my projector and this room fit perfect.

First I had to cut the bookshelves in half since they were so tall we couldn't tip them over to get them out of the room. 30 minutes with the circular saw and they were history. Check out the sweet wallpaper behind them!

The next step was getting rid of the ceramic tile. We purchased a Dewalt SDS Hammer Drill with a spade bit and went to work on the floor. The hammer made easy work of the tile, however a good amount of thinset was still on the floor. No big deal, or so I thought.

The next 7 days or so after work were spent chiseling up the thinset. I HATE that crap! At least we knew it was doing a good job. We still have some work to do cleaning it up since it needs to be perfectly flat for our floor(which we'll show later).

Once again, check out our Picasa page for some more pictures!

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