Thursday, August 30, 2007

Theater Room: Painting

Another couple weeks have gone by and the room is finally starting to look better. Getting some paint on the walls has really motivated us to keep working on the room. We had to cover up a hole in the ceiling where there was a light fixture. We'll be putting in recessed cans, but we're waiting until it's not 130 degrees in the attic. You can slightly see the outline of the patch on the ceiling, but wouldn't notice it unless it was pointed out.

We also textured the front wall which had wallpaper on it. I tried to peel it in a corner and it was on good, so we just left the wallpaper and primed over it. The texture matches about 90%, it is a little more defined as there is not 5 coats of paint over it like the rest of the walls. You won't notice it anyway once the projector screen is over it since it will cover about 80% of the wall.

The bookcase is our favorite part of the room. We thought it would be cool to face it the same color as the room, but leave the inside white. We used some new flat enamel paint which not only looks nice, but wears well. We used foam brushes on the bookcase to get rid of any texture that brushes would leave.

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