Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The master bedroom

Our first project was to redo the master bedroom. It was a rather dark color, which doesn't really fit with our ideas for a light toned bedroom. We decided to do a visual and electrical upgrade of the room. Check out the before and after pictures on my Picasa album.

Since all of the outlets and switches were painted dark blue and the wiring is aluminum in the house, we replaced all of the receptacles with CO/ALR devices. This prevents arcing between the copper and aluminum wire which potentially could cause a fire. We figured for a few dollars more we could have a safe connection at all of the receptacles and switches, along with making the room look nicer.

We also replaced the vent and return covers. The return vent was actually sagging and letting air from the room escape directly into the attic, so I resealed the vent and also screwed it into the attic floor boards.

We painted the room a light gray to keep a nice cool feel without darkening the room. I think it was quite the improvement for a low cost.

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Jacqui and Craig said...

Patrick! Thanks for visiting our blog and your positive feedback! Your place is looking great!!!

Have fun and remember: Don't tear down one wall if you're not ready to tear them all down!

Lots of luck!